Many Guys Have Met Ed

Quarter to six it shall be then. May as well since Ed’s not bothered to get up. But get up he does. Only the thing is, he has this tendency to get up at the most inconvenient time of the (very) early morning. At that time, he is ramrod, rigid, stiff. Sometimes he is just so hard that it feels right awful uncomfortable. Which is why you might not be able to sleep. Another reason keeping many men up at night is that painful inability to get it up, particularly when duty calls.

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It is particularly excruciating for decent, married men who only want to please their patient but disappointed wives. Until the day that that patience wears so thin and she’s off to see another guy who, guess what, has it up for her, and if she really wants it, all night long. If they were all of healthy body and mind, like, really healthy, most men would not be meeting Ed until much later in their lives, say, round about the time they hit their seventies when other age-related physical issues like a bothersome prostate start getting them up so early in the morning, and at other times of the day, to go quickly to the bathroom.

Only to discover that it was yet another false alarm. Startlingly, many more men of much younger age are now experiencing ED. Thankfully, men of all ages, and no matter what their state of health can cure their ills by paying a visit to the ed treatment seattle clinic. Now, in case you have not been able to read between the lines, forget about the sheets for now, ED is the acronym applied to the acute male medical condition otherwise known as erectile dysfunction.

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