How Diabetes Affects The Eye’s Retina

Diabetes is distressingly one of the most common forms of diseases afflicting many men and women, even growing numbers of children, these days. The general reasons given for this pandemic rise in type 2 diabetes cases are poor and unsanitary living conditions, poor lifestyle conditions, circumstances and choices, and of course, poor dietary or eating habits. And it is also unfortunate that both full-blown and type 2 diabetic cases are hereditary.

It is also unfortunate that there is no certain cure for diabetes. But with the careful practice of preventive medicine, generally speaking, people afflicted with the disease are still able to live longer and healthier lives, just as, say, people living with HIV-aids are able to do these days. And it is fortunate too that many of the symptoms of diabetic conditions can also be remedied. One such medical treatment example is that of the retina specialists virginia beach va clinic.

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Retina specialists are able to reverse the effects of what is termed as diabetic retinopathy. The diabetic macular edema is described as follows. Leaky blood vessels permit the accumulation of fluid in the eyes’ retina. The retina is the light responsive tissue in the eyes. Medical specialists also refer to the condition as a swelling of the retina. When fluid accumulation is allowed, proverbial spots in vision will occur. 

The sensation experienced is that of blurred vision. Over a period of time, the eyes’ vision will deteriorate. The condition of diabetic macular edema is now listed as a leading loss of vision in the country. What is termed as proliferative diabetic retinopathy develops as a result of prolonged exposure to elevated blood sugar levels. Finally, only a thorough eye exam will reveal whether you have this acute condition or not.

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