Acupuncture Not At All As Frightening As It Looks

You get pins and needles when you have been sitting on your legs for too long. If you have adopted the correct poise, pose and posture, there would essentially be nothing wrong with this position. Except to say that you now have pins and needles. It is your blood circulation. It has been cut off for now and that is not altogether healthy. You do need to address this. And yes, there are also pins and needles when a patient is faced with an acupuncture treatment manhattan ny consultation.

And before you shiver or shudder any further over what pain such treatment may cause, just stop for a moment and think rational, calm and positive thoughts. Not many people go in for this sort of treatment, not because they’re afraid of it, but more because they’ve never even heard of it. Their GPs may have, but they’ve never gone far enough in prescribing what can best be defined as still an alternative form of unconventional medicine.

acupuncture treatment manhattan ny

Many GPs, and even specialist practitioners, are still stuck in their conventional ways of utilizing their prescription routes and ‘modern’ treatment methodologies. The irony of it all is this. Conventional prescriptions, treatments and even surgeries still only ‘may or may not work’. That is indecisive at best and is hardly helping the patient who may already be stressed. It requires no willing wager, however, to suggest that acupuncture treatment has a better than even chance of succeeding where conventions have failed.

Why medical practitioners continue to ignore the facts is not comprehensible at this time. Acupuncture works provided that it is being carried out by a qualified practitioner who has spent many years in studying and training in one of the oldest forms of medicine known.

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